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Silva Alves & Alves, Lda is a company which has its headquarters located in Maia, and since 1985 is dedicated to the commercialization of personal care products, cleaners, perfumes and cosmetics. 

The company Silva Alves & Alves, Lda, divides is business into two main branches, its chain of stores, MASS-Perfumarias (www.mass-perfumarias.pt), which sells all its product range providing specialized and personalized service.
We already have 8 commercial spaces in the city of Porto, located in all parts of the city, in order to provide maximum convenience to the customer.
MASS-Perfumarias (www.mass-perfumarias.pt) is already an area known for personalized and high level of service and with highly specialized workers in the full range of products they are advising. The low prices charged by our stores are also known by its customers who cannot find the same in the competition.

The second line of business is dedicated to storage and distribution of a full range of personal care products, perfumes and cleaning products.
We have experience in this area for over 25 years as wholesalers and distributors of such products and we have on our side a dedicated team ready to serve.
Our business partners are for example Procter & Gamble, Arbora, L'Oreal, Garnier, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, BDF, etc.
The industry stands by giving our customer (retail supermarket / hypermarket or stockholder) a sale custom where our sellers stand out for their high level of training in the products they sell, as well as a logistic service extremely efficient with the placement products on the "home" of the client in a time limit of 24/48 hours. We look to provide all the convenience to the customer from order, were they are visited by our vendors, until the delivery of the order by our fleet that covers entire country, excluding the south area of Portugal.
In any branch of the company Alves Silva & Alves, Lda, is certain that his client will not find better in the competition, both in terms of average prices, service, delivery, product range, training of the sales team and collaborating in our own shops.

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